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Services Offered

Psychic/Mediumship Readings:

$110 for 30 minutes or $225 hour

Group Readings:  $500 ~ Up to 8 people


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What To Expect From A Reading With Jamie

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What To Expect From A Reading With Jamie


Mediumship Session:


As a Psychic Medium, Jamie provides an opportunity to receive messages and information from your dearly departed loved ones. This is a great healing opportunity that allows you to know your loved ones are always with you.


The best way to receive from spirit is to come with an open mind. Even though we often want to hear from certain individuals, it is important to know and keep in mind that Jamie has no control over the spirit world. Any and all friends and family members may come through to share messages with you.


Spirit may acknowledge certain events in your life. They may even acknowledge other friends and family members who are alive as well. Please be aware that spirit will not tell you what to do. They support you in your journey through life, but can see a bigger picture of your journey and understand that only you are in control of your path.


If someone you desire to hear from does not communicate, never take it personally and don't assume that person does not love you. Spirit is filled with love for all. The lack of communication may be for many reasons, but it never has to do with how spirit feels about you.


The more open-minded and relaxed you are the better energy can flow from spirit. The session will not be recorded for you, but you are welcome to record the session. Jamie is available for private sessions by phone or in person by appointment.

Psychic Session: 


Psychic sessions are great when you want to know "What in the world is going on?" and you just need to get another perspective on life. Using her psychic/intuitive gifts, Jamie can help you get a new view on life or offer another perspective on challenging situations. 


During the session Jamie often covers things we all deal with on a daily basis; career, finances, love and family.  She can give you some idea of what may happen based on the present moment and how this could possibly be changed, for better or worse, by altering your decision(s). 


Please understand that when you sit with any psychic, they are not responsible for the outcome of any situation they are providing information about. Jamie can only see things based on where you are in your life today. You and you alone, are the creator of your life, fully responsible for the decisions you make. 


Should you not agree with or like what any psychic has to say, you have the power to change your life with your intention, beliefs and affirmations.  Yes, affirmations really do work. 


Please come in with a relaxed and open mind. Jamie does allot time for questions, so please come prepared. Some clients find that once the session starts, some of their questions have already been answered and they find themselves asking new ones.


These private, individual sessions are not recorded however, Jamie does encourage you to record or take notes of your session. Videotaping is not permitted. Jamie is available for private sessions by phone or in person by appointment.  


 Services Offered

Psychic/Medium Readings: $190-per hour

Psychic/Medium Readings: $95-per 30 minutes

Add a person to your reading:   $50 - must notify me prior to make arrangements

Group Readings:  Up to six people - $500 for two hours

Group readings cannot be booked online, please contact me through the contact form to discuss booking. 


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Additional Charge of $.50 per mile for travel to and from any location 

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