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My Mom... By Jamie Collins

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

July 14th was the anniversary of my mom's passing. It's been 13 years and at times, it feels like it was yesterday. One moment I was talking to her on the phone and the next, looking at her lifeless body in the hospital emergency room.

I miss my mom more than words can express and for those of you that have lost someone, I'm sure you understand the feeling. One of the things that I always tell my clients is that our loved ones in spirit want to "talk" to us as much as we want to talk to them. And they do! Just in a different way.

The following story is one of the ways that my mom reached across the spiritual veil to let me know that she is still around, and a part of my life.

I worked at a county health department for almost 15 years, in the Sexually Transmitted Disease department. My mom had been gone for about 6 months at the time when I reached out to her one day... As I was walking into work, I said out loud to her, "mom, I sure would like to hear from you today, a message of any type would be nice. And by the way, make it really obvious so that I know it's you."

In the department that I worked within, we had folks that would come in often for our free condoms. They would sign a sheet and we would give them 10 free condoms. Well, on this day, a young man of about 22 or 23 years of age came in and was signing-up for the free condoms. As he was signing-up, we were making small talk.

He then suddenly turned to me and said, " you know what, you sound just like a teacher I had in the second grade. Her name was Miss Collins. And her mom was the school nurse at the same school. You sound just like them."

I literally lost my speech and was in a state of shock. How could he remember the voice of his second grade teacher? How could he remember what the school nurse sounded like?

I asked him where he went to elementary school and he named the exact school where my sister, the teacher and my mom, the school nurse both once worked.

I told him, "you won't believe this, but your second grade teacher is my sister and the school nurse is my mom."

The look on his face was just as surprised as mine. He said "no way!" I said, "yep" and told him about how my mom had passed and how just that very morning, I had asked her for a sign.

He, was the sign. He kind of teared-up, told me his name and told me to tell my sister he said hello and said he was sorry for my loss. He expressed how much he loved both of them and that's why and how he had remembered their voices.

So, I tell this story to let you know that spirit really hears us and they want us to know that they are around. If you ask for a sign and are willing to be open to the many ways that spirit will bring those messages to you, you'll see how amazing spirit is!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to keep the conversation going below, I'd love to hear your stories as well.


Jamie Collins

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